NWF Haycock Certification update (Oct 2011)

Unbelievable! We are only shy 12 points!

Points needed for NWF certification = 250 in required categories below

Registration (minimum 40; max 70)

Administrative Goals (minimum 20)

Community Project Goals (minimum 50)

Education Goals (minimum 40)

Habitat Certifications (minimum 100)

            At least 50 homes at 1 point each

            At least 1 school at 5 points

            3 points for each farm, place of business, house of worship, community space

            3 points if each team member registered their property

 Where we are now (October 2011)

50 Registration points:

  5 for the map

10 for completing the Part II: Ecological Characteristics

10 for the letter of support

5 for creating a plan to keep in regular communication

5 for identifying potential funding sources

5 for identifying possible demo gardens

10 for organizing a kickoff event

Total = 50 points.

1) Administrative Goals (20 pts min) we have 30!!!

30 pts Two partner (10 pts per partner) organizations affiliated with your project: The Turnip Truck, NE Natives and Perennials, Vanderlely Landscaping

2) Community Project Goals (50 pts min) (45 so far)

Completed Points:

10 pts Organize a native plant sale

5 pts Organize an invasive plant removal at a public site

10 pts Create an information booth at one or more community events (up to three)

15 pts pending Each presentation to organization not yet associated with CWH project (5pts each, up to 5)

5 pts Habitat Team member that serves on community board or council related to environmental issues (Dr. Julie Fagan, Rutgers Energy Institute)

Possible points:

? 10 pts  pending Examine your community’s weed ordinances, or other public policies, and work to make them native plant and habitat friendly

? 10 pts Do a large-scale plant restoration project in your community

? 10 pts Work with local park agencies to convert parkland to wildlife friendly landscapes.

? 5 pts Coordinate a stream or trail clean-up

? 10 pts Work with local nurseries to label and/or provide native plants

5 Plan a native plant rescue (at a site to be developed or demolished)

10  Partner with your NWF state affiliate or NWF field office

5 Organize a family-oriented nature activity for your community such as a nature hike or nature scavenger hunt

10 Arrange a community-wide campout to support the Great American Backyard Campout

TBD  Community Project (please discuss with NWF staff)

3) Education Goals (40 pts min)  50 points completed

 Completed Points

10 pts Establish an information kiosk, resource library or bibliography (may be online) where community members can get information about your project https://haycockwildlifehabitat.wordpress.com/

5 pts Create a CWH project brochure specific to your community (included)

10 pts Create a website where community members can learn about your project https://haycockwildlifehabitat.wordpress.com/

10 pts Write a regular column in your community paper to educate community members about your project (may be an online newsletter or blog) https://haycockwildlifehabitat.wordpress.com/

10 pts Secure a feature article in the local media about your project http://www.phillyburbs.com/my_town/quakertown/effort-under-way-to-certify-haycock-habitat/article_c4390691-5cbc-522d-ad12-d5f2449d3a05.htmlhttp://www.phillyburbs.com/my_town/quakertown/effort-under-way-to-certify-haycock-habitat/article_c4390691-5cbc-522d-ad12-d5f2449d3a05.html


5 pts Create and distribute a native plant list for your community

Possible Points:

10 pts Secure a radio or TV interview or PSA on your project

10 Hold a series of at least 3 workshops to educate community members about wildlife gardening- 1 so far Rain barrel workshop in July 2011

10 Each member of Habitat Team completes Creating Places for Wildlife (available from NWF on CD)

10 Hold a garden tour that features certified habitats

10 Create a demonstration garden at a public site, with educational signs

TBD Other Education Project (please discuss with NWF staff)

Habitat Certifications (minimum 100) we have 98!!

            At least 50 homes at 1 point each (49 so far!)

            At least 1 school at 5 points – (2 = 10 pts)

            3 points for each farm, place of business, house of worship, community space (13= 39pts)

3 points if each member of the Habitat Team certifies their yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat site – (3 pts)

Habitat Team: Julie M. Fagan, Ph.D., Beth Clark, Jenn and Alex McCracken, Drs. Warren and Roberta Heydenberk, David Hughes, Gina Fredericks, Carol Schroding

Unbelievable! We are only shy 12 points!

We need 2 more points in the Habitat Certification Category with at least 1 new backyard

We need 5 more points in the Community Project Category (in addition to the 15 points pending completion)

Then we need to figure out

1) Where the sign will go (and who will pay for it)

            Was thinking it should go on Rte 563 as you cross into Haycock Township or at the intersection of Harrisburg School Rd.

2) When and what we should do for our opening celebration event (winter, 1st weekend in Spring?)


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