Native Plant Sale – 25% off NWF members

Northeast Natives & Perennials Announces End of Season Special
Carol Schroding, owner of Northeast Natives & Perennials here in Haycock, announced her end of season special which will run from now (8/12/11) until her last day for the season, Saturday, Sept. 17th.   Everything in stock will be 20% OFF our already low prices, with a special additional 5% OFF for anyone who has certified their Haycock Property with the NWF as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat!  If you haven’t already done so, I have applications at the nursery and can help with requirements and suggestions.   You can also complete it online and bring your certification number with you to qualify for your 25% OFF.  Join in the initiative to have our community be the first in PA to certify as a Community Wildlife Habitat!
Fall is a wonderful time to plan and plant perennials and still lots of nice weather time for them to get established. 
How exciting to look forward to next season and know that they are already in the ground, just waiting to emerge in the spring!   We still have many wonderful native plants in stock, so shop early for the best selection. 
We are located at 1716 E. Sawmill Rd.  (215)  
Our hours are Thursday,Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm.  

Plant List for 2011 End of Season Sale

(Now through Sept. 17th  While Supplies Last!)

Herbaceous Perennials range in price from $6. – $14.

Trees and Shrubs range in price from $12. – $35.

Everything in stock is 20% OFF OR

25% OFF with your proof of certification as a NWF Backyard Wildlife Habitat! 


Actaea pachypoda                              Dolls Eyes

Adiantum pedatum                            Maidenhair Fern

Agastache foeniculum                       Anise Hyssop/Purple Hyssop

Allium cernuum                                 Nodding Onion

Amsonia hubrechtii                           Blue Star

Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’                           ‘Blue Ice’ Blue Star

Aquilegia canadense                         Wild Columbine

Arisaema triphyllum                         Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Aruncus dioicus                                Goatsbeard

Asarum canadense                            Wild Ginger

Asclepias incarnata                           Swamp Milkweed

Asclepias tuberose                            Butterfly Weed

Asclepias verticillata                        Whorled Milkweed

Aster cordifolius                               Heart-leaved Aster

Aster divaricatus                              White Wood Aster

Aster dumosus ‘Woods Pink’          ‘Woods Pink’ Aster

Aster oblongifolius                           Aromatic Aster ‘Raydon’s Favorite’

Athyrium Filix-femina                     Lady Fern

Boltonia asteroides ‘Snowbank’      White Boltonia

Boltonia asteroides ‘Pink Beauty’    Pink Boltonia

Carex pensylvanica                          Pennsylvaniasedge

Caullophylum thalictroides              Blue Cohosh

Chelone lyonni ‘Hot Lips’               Pink Turtlehead

Chelone glabra                                 White Turtlehead

Chrysogonum virginianum              Gold Star

Chrysopsis villosa                            Hairy Golden Aster

Coreopsis rosea                                Pink Tickseed

Delphinium exaltatum                     Tall Larkspur

Dicentra eximia                                Fringed Bleeding Heart

Dryopteris marginalis                      Eastern Wood Fern

Echinacea purpurea ‘Ruby Star’     Purple Coneflower ‘Ruby Star’

Echinacea p. ‘White Swan’            ‘White Swan’ Coneflower

Eryngium yuccifolium                      Snakemaster

Eupatorium maculatum ‘Little Joe’  Joe Pye Weed ‘Little Joe’

Filipendula rubra                               Queen of the Prairie

Geranium maculatum ‘Espresso’     Wild Geranium ‘Espresso’

Gillenia stipulata                                         American Ipecac

Helenium autumnale                                   Autumn Sneezeweed

Helianthus angustifolius ‘Gold Lace’         Swamp Sunflower ‘Gold Lace’

Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Summer Sun’      Oxeye Daisy ‘Summer Sun’

Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Summer Nights’  Oxeye Daisy ‘Summer Nights’

Hepatica acutiloba                                      Sharp-lobed hepatica

Heuchera villosa ‘Autumn Bride’               ‘Autumn Bride’ Coral Bells

Iris versicolor                                              Northern Blue Iris

Iris cristata                                                  Dwarf Crested Iris

Jeffersonia dyphylla                                    Twinleaf

Liatris spicata ‘Kobold’                              Blazing Star

Lobelia cardinalis                                        Cardinal Flower

Lobelia cardinalis ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’  Cardinal Flower ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’

Lobelia siphilitica                                        Great Blue Lobelia

Maianthemum canadense                            Canada Mayflower

Matteuccia strutheropteri                             Ostrich Fern

Meehania cordata                                        Meehan’s Mint

Monarda didyma ‘Jacob Cline’                   Bee Balm ‘Jacob Cline’

Monarda Fistulosa                                       Wild Bee Balm

Osmunda cinnamonea                                 Cinnamon Fern

Osmunda regalis                                          Royal Fern

Pachysandra procumbens                            Allegheny Spurge

Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal’               Switchgrass ‘Heavy Metal’

Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’                Switchgrass ‘Shenandoah’

Penstemon canescens                                  Gray Beard Tongue

Penstemon digitalis                                     Foxglove Beard Tongue

Phlox paniculata varieties                            Garden Phlox   ‘Bright Eyes’ ‘Nicky’ ‘David’ 

Physostegia virginianum                              Obedient Plant ‘Miss Manners’ (white)

Polemonium reptans                                    Jacob’s Ladder

Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’                   Black-eyed Susan ‘Goldsturm’

Rudbeckia laciniata                                     Cutleaf Coneflower

Rudbeckia triloba                                        Three-leaved Coneflower

Ruellia humilis                                            Wild Petunia

Schizachyrium scoparium ‘The Blues’       Little Bluestem ‘The Blues’

Scuttelaria incana                                         Scullcap hyssop

Silphium perfoliatium var. connatum          Virginia Cupplant

Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’                       ‘Fireworks’ Goldenrod

Solidago ‘Little Lemon’                              ‘Little Lemon’ Dwarf Goldenrod

Thermopsis caroliniana                                False Lupine

Tiarella cordifolia ‘Running Tapestry’        Foamflower ‘Running Tapestry’

Tradescantia ohiensis                                   Spiderwort

Vernonia glauca                                           Upland Ironweed



Trees and Shrubs

Acer rubrum                                                Red Maple

Acer saccharum                                           Sugar Maple          

Amelanchier Canadensis                             Serviceberry

Amelanchier laevis                                      Allegheny Serviceberry

Aronia arbutifolia                                        Red Chokeberry

Aronia melanocarpa                                    Black Chokeberry                              

Carpinus carolinia                                       Hornbeam

Cephalanthus occidentalis                           Buttonbush

Cercis canadensis                                         Redbud

Clethra alnifolia                                           Summersweet

Cornus amonum                                           Silky Dogwood

Dyospyros virginianum                               Persimmon

Franklinia alatamaha                                   Franklin Tree

Fothergilla major                                         Witch Alder

Itea virginica                                                Virginia Sweetspire

Hamamelis virginiana                                  Witchhazel

Hydrangea quercifolia                                  Oakleaf Hydrangea

Ilex verticillata                                             Winterberry (female)

Ilex verticillata ‘Southern Gentleman’         Winterberry (male)

Lindera benzoin                                            Spicebush

Magnolia virginiana                                      Sweetbay Magnolia

Malus coronaria                                            American Crabapple

Myrica pensylvanica                                     Bayberry

Nyssa Sylvatica                                            Black Gum

Rhus aromatica                                             Fragrant Sumac

Rhus aromatica ‘Gro low’                            Dwarf Fragrant Sumac

Rhus coppalina                                             Dwarf Winged Sumac

Sambucus Canadensis                                  Elderberry

Viburnum trilobum                                       American Cranberry


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