The Last Bee’s Lament by Ian Mosebach

spastic bee (julie fagan in disguise) dance – funny

With the humans moving forward so fast,
all the bees disappeared and now I’m the last.
I’ve seen killing clouds kill pesky bugs on the farm,
but the pests aren’t the only ones facing the harm.
While i watched all the workers abandon their posts
I knew that the farmers were being bad hosts.
Science had helped others from facing this fate,
but our farmers didn’t know because they didn’t communicate.
And so here I sit as the queen of an empty hive,
all the workers have left, not a drone is left alive.
Listen close to this queen of a kingdom of one,
Listen carefully to this mother who’s lost everyone,
farmers remove from your ears all of the fuzz,
so you can join us and generate the buzz:
Communicate with bee keepers to protect every crop
because without bees, most of your crops would stop.
Support alternate methods (be it nematode or viral)
to the current pesticides that sent us in a downward spiral.


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