Points Needed to Certify Haycock Township

250 total points are needed for certification. We need you to register your backyard!!! It’s easy.

You can fill out the 2 page paper form and send a check to NWF for $20, or you can do it online at the NWF.org website  at http://www.nwf.org/Get-Outside/Outdoor-Activities/Garden-forWildlife/Certify-Your-Wildlife-Garden.aspx?campaignid=, then click on the green box at right on top “learn how to certify your garden as a wildlife habitat” and when that opens, click on “start here to certify your habitat”.  It is important to let us know (call Julie (610) 847-2411 or email goingreenpa@yahoo.com) that you have submitted it so you can be counted toward our 100 point requirement.  The paper forms can be picked up at Northeast Natives & Perennials, 1716 E Sawmill Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951  or I can drive one over to you.  I can also send you the application as a pdf attachment.  Just email me.  This form is simple and you don’t need to have elaborate plans.  However, if you want some help or want to discuss your property, a college student can pay you a visit on Sun July 17,24 and 31.  Again – email me if you want a visitation.

Those that have registered their property are listed at the bottom of this post.

First, 40-70 points are needed to register (not certify) the community with NWF.  These points are then applied toward the 250 total.  A little support from our township supervisors would help here!!!  It would be nice if they supplied a letter of endorsement and the $25 one-time registration fee (gee-  thats about 11 cents per resident).

Points for registration (achieved or pending points in bold)

5 pts     Obtain a map of your community (please enclose a copy) (5 points)  http://www.haycocktwp.com/map.htm

10 pts  Complete Part II: Ecological Characteristics of Community Description and Demographics

Pending upon approval  10 pts  Obtain a letter of support from Community Government Officials (please enclose a copy)

Pending  10  Create a 5 year budget (10 points)

5 pts Develop a plan for keeping all members of the Habitat Team in regular communication

Pending  10 pts Have one member of Habitat Team become a NWF Habitat Steward Volunteer

___Get 5 bonus points if that member of the Habitat Team becomes a NWF Habitat Steward Host 5 points

5 pts  Identify three potential funding sources:1) Wild Resource Conservation Program (DCNR), 2) Department Environmental Protection, 3) Bucks County Audubon Society

5  pts Identify three potential sites for Backyard Wildlife Habitat demonstration gardens:1) The Waxman Family, 440 Top Rock Trail, Kintnersville, PA 18930 2) Gina Frederick, 997 Camp Trail Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951; 3) Jenn McCracken (The Turnip Truck). 965 Deerwood Lane, Quakertown PA 18951

10 pts Plan and organize a kick-off celebration (copy of flyer, press release, enclosed)

Total Points (minimum of 40) 60-70

250 minus the 60/70 points for registration) = 180-190 points remaining needed for certification in 4 categories: Administrative Goals, Community Project Goals, Education Goals, Habitat Certification Goals.  We need you to help with the habitat certifications (see #4 below) – register your property to help our community reach our goal.

Points indicated in bold have either been achieved or are achievable in the near future.

1) Administrative Goals (20 pts min)

30 pts Two partner (10 pts per partner) organizations affiliated with your project: The Turnip Truck, NE Natives and Perennials, Vanderlely Landscaping

2) Community Project Goals (50 pts min) (55 point total)

10 pts  pending Examine your community’s weed ordinances, or other public policies, and work to make them native plant and habitat friendly

10 pts  Work with local park agencies to convert parkland to wildlife friendly landscapes.

5  Create an information booth at one or more community events (up to three)

5 pts Coordinate a stream or trail clean-up

5 Plan a native plant rescue (at a site to be developed or demolished)

10 pts  Organize a native plant sale

5 pts Organize an invasive plant removal at a public site

10 pts Do a large-scale plant restoration project in your community

10 pts Work with local nurseries to label and/or provide native plants

10  Partner with your NWF state affiliate or NWF field office

5 Organize a family-oriented nature activity for your community such as a nature hike or nature scavenger hunt

10 Arrange a community-wide campout to support the Great American Backyard Campout

5 Each Habitat Team member that serves on community board or council related to environmental issues (up to 3)

5 pts Each presentation to organization not yet associated with CWH project (up to 5)

TBD  Community Project (please discuss with NWF staff)

3) Education Goals (40 pts min)  50 points completed

10 pts Establish an information kiosk, resource library or bibliography (may be online) where community members can get information about your project https://haycockwildlifehabitat.wordpress.com/

5 pts Create a CWH project brochure specific to your community (included)

10 pts Create a website where community members can learn about your project https://haycockwildlifehabitat.wordpress.com/

10 pts Write a regular column in your community paper to educate community members about your project (may be an online newsletter or blog) https://haycockwildlifehabitat.wordpress.com/

10 pts Secure a feature article in the local media about your project http://www.phillyburbs.com/my_town/quakertown/effort-under-way-to-certify-haycock-habitat/article_c4390691-5cbc-522d-ad12-d5f2449d3a05.htmlhttp://www.phillyburbs.com/my_town/quakertown/effort-under-way-to-certify-haycock-habitat/article_c4390691-5cbc-522d-ad12-d5f2449d3a05.html


5 pts Create and distribute a native plant list for your community

10 pts Secure a radio or TV interview or PSA on your project

10 Hold a series of at least 3 workshops to educate community members about wildlife gardening

10 Each member of Habitat Team completes Creating Places for Wildlife (available from NWF on CD)

10 Hold a garden tour that features certified habitats

10 Create a demonstration garden at a public site, with educational signs

TBD Other Education Project (please discuss with NWF staff)

4) Habitat Certification Goals: Need a whopping 100 points in the category of certified backyard habitats with at least 50 backyards, 1 school yard and 2 public places certified.  “One point for each home, townhome, or apartment certified as a Certified Wildlife Habitat site; Three points for every public site, workplace, park, community garden, farm, place of worship, or other common area certified as a Certified Wildlife Habitat site; Five points for every Schoolyard Habitats site certified; and Three points if each member of the Habitat Team certifies their yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat site.

We need YOU!!!

Certified properties and their points in Haycock Township are listed below:

The Waxman Family, 440 Top Rock Trail, Kintnersville, PA 18930 (4 pts, 1 + 3 team member)

Gail and Art Silveira, 869 Woodbine Lane, Haycock Township, PA  (3 pts; Mountain Pride Farm) 

The Klines, 1749 E. Sawmill Road, Quakertown, PA 18951 (certification # 137,362).( 1 pt  )

Carol Schroding, 1716 E Sawmill Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951 (6 pts ; 3 team member + 3 business – Northeast Natives & Perennials)

Jenn McCracken  (#150143) 965 Deerwood Lane, Quakertown PA 18951  (6 pts ; 3 team member + 3 business -The Turnip Truck).

Heather DiSario, Creamery Rd, Haycock Township, PA (1 pt)

Jacquelin Bencker, 1324 Roudenbush Rd, Haycock Township, PA  (1pt)

Lynn & Tony Hughes, 1000 Black Birch Lane, Quakertown, PA  (1pt)

Drs. Warren and Roberta Heydenberk  1059 W. Sawmill Rd, Haycock Twsp, PA (4 pts, 1 + 3 team member)

Larry & Beth Gould, 1142 Black Birch Lane, Haycock Twsp (1pt)

Bev Lacey, 2160 Church View Dr., Quakertown (Haycock) (1pt)

Pat DeWald, 204 Pullen Station Rd. Haycock Twsp (1pt)

Kathy Brown & Ed Streubert, 990 Deerwood Lane, Haycock Twsp (1 pt)

David & Elaine Hughes, 1518 Stoney garden Rd, Haycock Twsp (6pts, team member + business – PVE wildlife)

Ron Bevilacqua, 936 W. Thatcher Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951 (3 business points – Thatcher Hill Sculpture Studio)

Diane Frei (#45403) 1618 Mission Road, Quakertown PA, 18951 (1 pt)

Kurt and Dana Hutchison 678 Deerwood Lane. Haycock Twsp. PA (1 pt).

Brenda Givler 685 Apple Rd, Haycock Twsp (3 pts – farm)

RF Shoup 1925 East Sawmill Rd. Haycock Twsp (3 pts – Ranslee Farm)

Laurie Dickson & Mark H (cert # 54869) Haycock Twsp (1 pt)

Holly Urban  1112 Roundhouse Rd. Kintnersville PA Haycock Twsp (4 pts, 1 + business – Froggy’s Garden)

Sara George & Steve Flood, 1278 E Sawmill Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951 (Haycock Twp) (1 pt)

Gina Frederick, 997 Camp Trail Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951 (6 pts ; 3 team member + 3 business)

Michael and Lori Hays, 979 W. Thatcher Rd. Haycock Twsp, Quakertown, PA (1 pt)

Doris & Lawrence Binner, 1679 Boulder Lane, Quakertown, Pa. 18951 (1 pt)

Properties that are pending are listed below:

Gerome Glickstein 711 Old Bethlehem Rd, Haycock Twsp, PA (1 pt)

Pat McCandless, 1609 Boulder Lane, Quakertown, PA

Barb & Joe Rumsey,  658 Old Bethlehem Rd., Haycock

Those considering:

St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Haycock

Haycock Historical Society, Stokes House


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  1. Posted by Emilio Socci SR. on August 6, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    Back in the fifty’s and sixty’s; My next door neighbors on California Road in Richland Township named their place ,The california wildlife sanctuary. They were famous writers of childrens books. Now I named my place the backyard sanctuary.


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