Businesses in Haycock with expertise relating to our goals

Lets use our Haycock Community Wildlife Habitat Initiative to stimulate our own economy.  Use this post to identify your services or to find someone to do the work for you. There are businesses in Haycock which you may not know about and residents that would happily pull weeds for a small fee. Perhaps the local restaurant could feature a new dish using your home-grown food.  Good for everyone – it would provide $ to the resident producing the food and$ for the restaurant because all the residents would then go to the establishment to enjoy their neighbor’s food.  Maybe you have a flower garden – wouldn’t that make a nice surprise gift to your loved one.  See – we can use the warm and fuzzy feelings to stimulate our economy and feel good about it.

Local Businesses

Native and Naturalized Landscape Design

Vanderlely Landscaping specializes in native and naturalized landscapes including: Native Gardens, Rain Gardens, Meadows, Riparian Buffers, Vegetated Swales, Ecological Design and Consulting.  The integration of aesthetics and ecology is what drives our work. We create beautiful places for people amid the plants and animals that belong to our regional ecosystems. Visit us at

Native Plant Purchases

Northeast Natives & Perennials is a family-owned and operated retail native plant nursery located in Haycock Township in Upper Bucks County.  We grow many of our plants on our property and in our greenhouse from seed or plug using methods with least impact to the environment and utilizing as many natural resources as possible.  We sell only native plants and focus on educating our customers on the importance of native plants in the landscape.   Northeast Natives is open from mid-April to mid-September on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 – 5. 1716 E Sawmill Road, Quakertown, PA 18951  (215) 901-5552

 Organic Vegetable Gardens
“The Turnip Truck”;  Bucks County’s Original Organic Kitchen Garden Company, is owned and operated by Jennifer and her husband Alex McCracken.   They are dedicated professional organic farmers and activists whose company specializes in teaching people how to grow their own organic food. Educated at Delaware Valley College, Jenn and her husband Alex do on site garden consulting as well as lectures and workshops on a myriad of organic gardening-related topics: heirloom vegetables, seed saving, soil stewardship, composting and mushroom growing, to name a few. (215) 429-7817
Froggy’s Garden LLC is a home-based, full-service florist, located in Haycock Township. We pride ourselves on our creative floral designs that use unusual flowers and herbs artfully arranged in fun containers.  Our fresh
arrangements and garden planters integrate locally grown flowers whenever available.  In addition to fresh, dried, and silk flower designs, we also create deck and patio planters for homes and businesses.  We enjoy
incorporating herbs and host plants (like dill to attract swallowtail butterflies) in our planters so that the owner and their wildlife can enjoy the arrangements both visually and culinarily. Visit us at for details and examples of our work, or call us at 610-608-6833 to place an order.
Bats & other wildlife
David Hughes, Haycock Township resident, works for PVE Wildlife, a wildlife control service for Bucks and Montgomery counties in PA. We help people solve their wild animal problems. This includes animal capture, eviction, exclusion, waste cleanup, and more. If you have a wild animal problem in south east Pennsylvania, PVE can solve it. They have been in business since 1985 and specialize in bat problem resolution. For a complete company description and list of services, go to:
Weed Pulling and other garden joys/excavation/fence installation/etc
send me your name and contact info if you would like to help (at an established rate) a fellow community member

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Bruce Wallace on July 13, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Recommend that you set up a link to “We need you to register your backyard,” something to make it easy to do so.
    We have 46 acres on Deerwood Lane, an old farm, surrounded by Lake Towhee park, which we keep as wildlife habitat, mowing fields once a year in the fall or very early spring. The houses are rented with protections on the plants and land. We support deer hunting as the deer have been extremely destructive lately, they’ve eliminated the formerly lush forest understory in the past 10 years. The best thing the County could do is some form of deer cull in Lake Towhee before the deer wipe out the native plants. I have photos to show before and after, before being when Towhee was not monitored for hunting and was hunted freely, and the forest was lush and native, virtually no invasives. Have thought about appealing to the county commissioners to do something about the deer.


    • Posted by Dr. Julie M. Fagan on July 16, 2011 at 6:24 pm

      Thank you for responding. In addition to sending a “We need you…” to the township newsletter (which came out last week), I put up a post under “about” at the top of the page and as a separate post under the “Certification process” category (on right side bar). I am still navigating the word press blog site, so doing what I want to do and getting it done is an issue when the person doing it is not a IT (information technology) person, but a TI – a technologically inept – person (me).


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